Got Cloud?
We're here to make it sing.

Banish Cloud Lock-In.

Nimble businesses need vendor flexibility to control costs and ensure reliability. With a multi-cloud strategy, pick and choose the best of each cloud provider, moving workloads effortlessly between them as needs demand. Our team knows AWS and GCP inside and out, and we will get you the best bang for your buck for infrastructure, data processing, and storage.

Optimize Costs.

The Cloud isn’t free, and getting the most out of your dollars can be a daunting task. Factor13’s team of experts will help you configure autoscaling to match capacity to demand, plan ahead to take advantage of commitment pricing, and leverage managed services to offload day-to-day operations.

Accelerate Development.

Cloud Computing frees your engineering team to focus on what matters. Freed from operational burdens, your team will deliver new features faster and lower-cost. Cloud scaling eliminates procurement headaches, managed services reduce operations work, and pay-as-you-go pricing lets teams experiment without breaking the bank. Our experienced team will help you get there.

Our Services

Multi-Cloud Architecture

A scalable multi-cloud architecture lets you pick and choose the best offerings from each vendor, ensure resilience against outages, and banish vendor lock-in. Our team has deep experience with AWS, GCP, and industry-standard open-source solutions like Kubernetes, Hadoop, and Chef. We will help you architect your systems to scale seamlessly with the size of your customer base and your growing team while remaining flexible enough to add new features.

Cloud Optimization

With the myriad of options for cloud services and a fast-moving landscape, projects start racking up technical debt from day 1. Our team has built systems from scratch and scaled some of the largest data pipelines in the industry. Let us help you streamline your architecture and reduce your operational overhead using our deep knowledge of both AWS and GCP.

Data Engineering

Transforming data into insight is one of the top challenges facing nearly every business today, both online and offline. Our team has extensive experience with the best-of breed big data technologies, including Apache Storm, Apache Beam, Google Cloud Dataflow, Amazon DynamoDB, Google Cloud Spanner. We will build you a rock-solid foundation that your team can continue to innovate on, generating new insights and adopting the latest machine learning tools.

Machine Learning

We leverage best-of-breed AI from each platform to transform your unstructured data into actionable metrics. Whether it’s Google Cloud Vision API for analyzing images, Amazon Comprehend to discover insights and relationships in text, or raw TensorFlow for exploiting the latest innovations from the literature, our team provides custom-tailored ML solutions for your business.

About Us

Factor13 is a boutique cloud consulting firm based in Seattle, WA. Our mission is to help businesses get the most out of Cloud Computing. We provide a range of services, from architectural advice to hands-on-keyboard engineering. Factor13 is one of the only firms with deep experience on two leading Cloud providers, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Eric Wolak
Principal Cloud Architect

Eric has been building systems in the Cloud since before it was a good idea. First on Google App Engine, then Amazon Web Services, and most recently back to Google Cloud Platform, he’s built websites, IoT backends, data systems, and more. After joining Google in 2015 to help Google Cloud Platform grow into a force to be reckoned with, Eric started Factor13 to do more for his customers. He brings a rare combination of software engineering talent and business acumen to bear on clients’ most vexing problems.